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5 days / 4 nights


Day 1 - Meeting at the railway station with the guide.

Breakfast in one of the city’s cafe.

City-tour: During the excursion you will visit the most interesting and ancient sightseeings in Kazan: Old-Tatar Sloboda, the Kaban Lake with its picturesque views, merchant houses, the old mosque of XVIII century and will hear legends and stories of Tatar people. Tourists will walk along the old Kazan, visit the monastery, where the miraculous Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is kept.

Visiting the Museum of 1000th anniversary of Kazan in the National Cultural Center you will hear the history of Tatar people and its origin.

Lunch in one of the city restaurants.

Transfer to the hotel. Check in.

Day 2 - Breakfast at the hotel.

Walking excursion to Kazan Kremlin: Suyumbike falling tower. Annunciation Cathedral, Governor Palace. Architectural monuments.Legendary mosque “Kuhl Sharif”, built according to the archival datas as a symbol of the Renaissance of the nation.

“Kazan Arbat”- walk down the Prolomnaya Street – the street of 4 centuries, Bauman Street nowadays – the history of the central trading street of Kazan, the ensemble of monuments and architectures of the city:Bell tower of the church of the Epiphany where Fyodor Chaliapin was baptized; State Bank, which kept the gold reserves of Russia; fountains and a copy of the carriage of Catherine II.

Lunch in one of the city cafes.

Free time.

Day 3 - Breakfast at the hotel.

Bus excursion to Raifa Blessed Virgin Monastery (architectural complexof XVII-XIX centuries)on the way external survey of “The Temple of all Religions». Georgian Miracle-working icon of the God’s Mother, the Trinity Church, the Church in the name of Saint Fathers Slain in Sinai and Raifa; The smallest church in Europe in the name of Saint martyrs Belief, Hope and Love and their Mother Sofia.
Returning to Kazan

Lunch in one of the city cafes

Free time.

Day 4 - Breakfast at the hotel.

Bus tour to the ancient city of Bulgar ~ 200 km

Bulgar settlement — a unique sight of Russia. This is all that remains of the Golden Horde, the once great and powerful country in Eastern Europe, (not counting the mosques and mausoleums Gasimov and Syuyumbeki tower in Kazan). Greatest prosperity of the city falls on the line XIII-XIV centuries. Most of preserved architectural monuments are treated to that time. Now there is their active restoration. Ancient city of Bulgar state belongs to the historical and architectural museum-reserve. Here are the architectural monuments of XIII — XIV centuries, such as the Great Mosque, the mausoleums of the East («The Church of St. Nicholas») and the North («monastery cellar»), Khan’s Tomb, Small Minaret, the Black Chamber, the White chamber, the Red and the Hellenic Chamber, Khan’s room, and numerous archaeological sites.

Lunch in one of the city cafes.

or Bus-tour to Elabuga- the city of monuments and antiquity, stories and myths, amazing people and lives. It gave to the world famous painter Ivan Shichkin, first Russian woman-warrior, cavalry-girl Nadezhda Durova. Here you will visit: "Devil’s fort" - of Elabuga fortress; Memorial home – museum of Shishkin I.I.; Museum – homestead of Durova N.A.; Museum of the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva

Lunch in one of the city cafes in Elabuga.

Return to Kazan.

Day 5 - Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.

Excursion to the city island Sviazhsk.

The history of the city began on May 24, in 1551, when Ivan the Terrible decided to build on the island a wooden fortress. It took only four weeks. Sviyazhsk became a base supporting Russian troops in the war against the Kazan Khanate. The island has unique historical and cultural monuments, such as Assumption Monastery of the Blessed Virgin, Sviazhsky Cathedral, John the Baptist Monastery which has the Trinity Church on its territory - the only remaining building from wooden Sviyazhsk. Through many centuries Sviyazhsk has been remaining a Russian Orthodox shrine.

Return to Kazan.

Lunch in one of the city cafes.

Transfer to the railway station.

The price is from 290 Euro / 365 USD Euro per person

  • Rates are subject to change.

The price includes: Accommodation in 3* hotel, breakfast, lunch per program, transfers, excursions per program,english speaking guide,entrances to the museums as per the itinerary,
Additional costs: Night transfer supplement,entry tickets to the museum of Elabuga - 150 Rub per museum, other services and excursions that are not in the program.Subject to availability at the time of booking. 

For more information and other interesting programs please, contact with us:
Natalia Nikitina:  nikitina@maxvand.ru   
Elena Litvina: litvina@maxvand.ru


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